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If you make a donation via the Association, please mention ‘A Cure for ALS’.
All donations are warmly welcomed and will be answered with a thank you letter.
For a gift as of 40 € a year, you will receive a tax certificate


‘A Cure for ALS’ – independent research fund of the ALS Liga, with permanent follow-up

Convincing people and authorities to donate for scientific research is not easy, even not for an incurable disorder such as the progressive neuromuscular disease ALS. A donor wants – quite rightly – value for money and the certainty that every euro will be optimally spent.

The research fund ‘A Cure for ALS’ responds to this:

• We are independent. We are open to each biomedical research project that could be potentially favorable for pALS and thus deserves our funding. Both established researchers as young starters are eligible, preferably locals, but also on an international level.

• We guarantee a permanent follow-up. Our co-workers from the research unit relentlessly search for scientific evolutions that could possibly mean a breakthrough in the treatment of ALS. They are also annually on the first row of the international ALS Symposium where scientists from all over the world present their new ideas.

• We are flexible. We are open to every possible turn in the research that can mean a breakthrough in the treatment of ALS. Yesterday perhaps a chemical molecule, today possibly stem cell therapy, and tomorrow the possible final breaktrough. 

The ALS Liga counts on your support. Gifts for the league are good investments: the ALS Liga guarantees that every euro will be optimally spent. 

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