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Palliative / supportive care

Palliative care in our society is mostly focused on terminally ill patients who are in the final phase of their life. Yet patients with chronic conditions like ALS, other incurable neurological diseases, and those who have finished their treatment, are eligible for palliative care. They have similar needs as terminal patients but for them the way to palliative care is much less self-evident. That is why we, the ALS Liga, are pleading for the expansion of palliative care with a supportive type of care that is focused on the easing of symptoms and that pays attention to the social and spiritual needs of the patients. Supportive care improves the quality of life and makes sure that patients are less frequently hospitalized. Attention is also paid to informal care as well as the home environment. Supportive care plays a major role and enables a dignified end of life, a human solution for an unsolvable problem.
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Pleidooi voor supportieve zorg.pdf